Trang Town riding from Krabi Town = 180kms

the "bear trap" bike

the “bear trap” bike

I first saw the “bear trap” bike guarded by a schoolkid on the side of the road as I rode into Trang from Krabi Town. I thought if you are going to get after market ad-ons for your bike you may as well make it something cool like a bear trap. Over the next 2 days i saw this bike everywhere and began to think I was being followed and that the bear trap was meant for unsuspecting tourists like myself. As I left Trang, un-trapped, an old guy pulled up beside me on the “bear trap” bike and I asked him what the trap was for. His response was to do that dance you do to “walk like an Egyptian” …  none the wiser I headed off for Satun.

a a the middle of woop woop

a gym…in a carpark….in the middle of woop woop

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Trang: this way

Trang: this way


Waiting for a train

Waiting for a train?


on route to Trang

on route to Trang


"bear trap" bike again

“bear trap” bike again