My Plan

No set plan really, but Bangkok to Phuket to Singapore and most places on the way as a rough idea. Then up to Chiang mai and into Loas and Cambodia…assuming I don’t get bored riding or total myself or the bike.

My Scooter

My ride of choice is a Thai registered 2009 white Honda PCX 125cc.

Being a scooter and having only 125cc’s it’s not the fastest of bikes but its reliable and doesn’t look quite as shit as most scooters. It will max out at about 110kms depending on the wind and sits happily at 90kms for hours on end. A $4 tank of fuel will keep it running for 200+ kms and parts, service and fixes are dirt cheap. Electric start, auto gearbox and idle stop make it a simple twist and go.

Its light, easy to handle and has a stack of storage space under the seat and so all up the perfect bike for Just Riding Around.

My Camera

I will be using my iPhone 4s’ camera mainly because it fits into my pocket, it tracks where photos are taken and it’s 1 less charger to carry around.

Not as good as a DSLR or almost any other camera but also not so bad. Surviving with little more than a cracked screen after being thrown onto the highway after a 40kms pothole hit means it passes the drop test.

I'm here