take your time

take your time Рone of the few (average) restaurants on Salang Beach. 

Monsoon season should have been clearing up by mid Feb, but a late start has meant a late finish and it was pretty wet when i was there. The water was still pretty clear and when the sun did come out it’s easy to see how this place can be a tropical paradise.

I Stayed at Tekek and Salang beaches and both were near enough void of any other tourists except a few couples skipping work in KL for some R&R and of course some hippy backpackers after cheap booze and ciggs. (Being one of the lucky islands in Malaysia that is duty-free, Tioman booze is less than half mainland prices so fill your boots like the backpackers did).

With the exception of a 2k road through the main town of Tekek there are no paved roads, so the scooter was left by the pier in Mersing. The toothless old guy i parked it next to assured me it was safe to leave for a few days, and happily it was still there on my return. Surprisingly enough, so was the old toothless guy.

anyone play guitar?

anyone play guitar?


salang beach, tioman

Salang beach, Tioman


monitor lizards everywhere

huge monitor lizards everywhere


wake up...walk out...swim

wake up…walk out…swim – Tekek beach


cats everywhere too

cats everywhere too – Tekek Beach, Tioman

crystal clear

crystal clear water at Salang beach


Salang beach, waterside